May 18th: Crepes for Breakfast

On Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we decided to reflect on some of our favorite places to visit and foods to eat. Hands down, Montréal has become a favorite for both. Since our annual trip for our anniversary will probably not happen we decided to recreate happy food memories. Lars and I made ham and Gruyere cheese crepes with Béchamel sauce. As a special treat, we made dessert crepes for the boys with strawberries, chocolate and vanilla ricotta. The only thing missing to make it just like Montréal was a Caesar in our hand! Luckily we had that with brunch on Sunday.

May 15th: Meatball Subs

On Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 Lars recreated our kids favorite, meatball subs! This one was for the boys. They love Subway’s meatball sandwiches every once in a while. In true fashion, Lars made everything from scratch. Hoagie rolls filled the house with amazing smells all day. He ground up excess pork from ribs he trimmed for tomorrow’s meal and added ground beef. Mozzarella, Parmesan and our favorite Italian marinara sauce made for THE BEST subs ever! Julian said it was the best he’d ever had.

May 6th: Lasagna from Scratch

On Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 I have to say I am super proud! Tonight we made lasagna….from scratch! Not only did we nail the noodles but the tomato sauce was exceptional. While I focused on the dough and rolling, Lars perfected a hearty meat and tomato sauce that had the perfect amount of Italian spices. Having recently provisioned, we had a crisp salad and some green broccoli to keep us balanced. We are all stuffed and ready for Survivor night!

May 5th: Cinco de Mayo Fajitas and Elote

On Cooking Across the Globe 🌍 we celebrate Cinco de Mayo! We listened to Mariachi music and the Gypsy Kings in the warm evening weather while cooking up fajitas and Mexican Street Corn (Elote). Lars made up some amazing Margaritas to complete this fun meal. We sat on the back deck and soaked up the last bit of sunlight while feeling like we were at a seaside restaurant in 🇲🇽 Mexico. Perfect!

May 4th: German Pork Schnitzel

On Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 I cooked up one of my favorite dishes from Munich, 🇩🇪 Germany! Pork Schnitzel with German Potato Salad. I wondered if the kids would like the tangy taste of the Potato Salad and it was mixed results. Both asked for more Schnitzel with the white gravy so next time I will make a double batch! I forgot to take pictures as I was solo in the kitchen this evening while Lars was out provisioning! This was the only photo as the food went quick. My kids are human trash compactors!!

April 29th: Calzones and Apple Crisp

On Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we decided to go a little low key. The kids asked for “normal” food! I didn’t realize we weren’t eating normal food but I think they meant everyday items. So, momma responded with Calzones, Apple 🍎 Crisp and ice cream 🍨 for dessert. The dough took longer to rise than I had anticipated so everyone was super hungry. Luckily Lars has an Apple pealing machine that’s makes pies and crisps super quick. Everyone is happy and have full tummies. Just what we needed as it has been a packed week already!

April 26th: Baja Fish Tacos

On Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we head to Mexico; Baja style! Today we finished using the fresh Haddock we got this week. Lars made up some fresh corn tortillas using Masa flour. We diced up some purple onion, 🍅 tomatoes and cabbage. Lars made ayogurt with chipotle adobo sauce and I made a yogurt with Sriracha Sauce. Everything was so fresh and crunchy. This will definitely be a meal we will repeat soon!

April 26th: Clams Casino

Tonight on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we stay right where we are for a second time, the great state of Rhode Island. We made “Clams Casino” with native top-neck (Quahog) clams. Fun fact: the state bird of Rhode Island is the Quahog. If you don’t believe us Google it or ask the cartoonist Don Bousquet. The same clam species, Mercenaria Mercenaria is known by several names depending its age and size. Very young, small, delicious clams are known as little necks, and are often enjoyed raw on the half shell. As they get older and bigger they are known as top-necks, cherrystones, and, finally…Quahogs. The biggest clams are usually only used for chowder and “stuffies” Stuffies are baked minced clams usually with bread crumbs, bacon, herbs etc. Clams Casino are made much in the same way except the people that make them are usually the kind of people who drink tea with their pinkies sticking straight out. We loved the size of theses clams and we loved the final product. Viva la Quahog. This lesson has been brought to you Lars (thank you but I didn’t ask) Carlson! Happy Sunday!

April 25th: Clam Chowder with Fresh Baked Bread

On Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we decided to remain in Little Rhody! Lars and I both agree that we will probably stay here the rest of our lives and the ocean and fresh seafood plays a big role in that declaration. This past week it has rained…a lot. It has also been cold so when we woke up to birds singing at 7 am, with the sun ☀️ shining and not a cloud in the sky, we knew it was going to be a good day. We moved with the sun from the back deck in the am to the front deck in the pm. Once the sun set behind our neighbors, the temp dropped. What better way to end such a beautiful day than New England Clam Chowder. It was amazing.