June 8th: Italian Meatballs

Tonight on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 my son asked for my Italian Meatballs! I love this dish because it it relatively easy, super tasty, and makes enough for 2 teenage boys! This dish is very different than my Swedish Meatballs. Instead of a creamy brown gravy, I use Italian spice, a rage sauce and fresh Parmesan. A side salad 🥗 from our garden rounded out this yummy meal!

June 5th: National Donut Day

Tonight on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 the spirit of Homer J. Simpson is very happy! It is National Donut Day. Lars delivered the most glorious yeast donut I have had in some time. I am worried about the kids tummies as they ate their weight in this yummy treat. Might have to skip a full dinner and just indulge.

June 4th: Chinese Take Out Food

Tonight on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we were craving our ole standby, Chinese takeout. Still quarantining, we decided to let everyone pick what they love and we would work together to make it happen. Lars and Jac got to chopping for the egg rolls while I marinated the chicken and started on the fried rice and sweet and sour sauce. Julian, having had a minor surgery today, was our moral support and taste tester! I must admit that we have perfected this meal. We all decided it was much better than our normal take out place. Plus it was worth the time because we were all together!

June 2nd: Pizza Margherita

Tonight on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we went to a Michelin Star restaurant for classic Pizza Margherita! Ok, that is lie but Lars’ version was better than any pizza I have ever had. Freshly made dough, homemade pomodoro sauce, homemade mozzarella, basil from the garden and BAM! I’m in heaven. 3 pies have already been inhaled! This could be dangerous 😳

June 1st: Cheese!

Today on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we are prepping for many dinners. Let me explain! A few days ago, my son’s school sent out a plea to help them use up milk that was being donated by a local dairy 🥛 so they wouldn’t have to dump it due to overproduction. So what does one do with several gallons of milk at once? You make cheese! A lot of cheese!! This is how school should be!

May 31st: Saag Paneer

Tonight on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 I decided to try a recipe from a blogger I follow! I made Saag Paneer with fresh Naan! I was really worried that my boys (ages 15 and 13) wouldn’t like it but my youngest went back for seconds! I think next time I will add a little more heat to it but overall I was very pleased with getting a ton of veggies in my kiddos!

May 30th: Southern Chicken Fried Chicken with Smashed Potatoes and Asparugus

Tonight on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 I went back to my Southern roots and made Chicken Fried Chicken with Smashed Potatoes and Asparagus. I made a white peppered gravy for everyone to dip or pour to their own delight. I got a nice golden crisp to the chicken 🐓 without over cooking it so it was especially juicy. This is my son Jacques favorite and he says I didn’t disappoint.

May 29th: Copy Cat Chipotle Bowl

Tonight on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we made a “copy cat” Chipotle bowl. In true Lars fashion, he amazed it up real nice. Grilled chicken, rice, black beans, avacado, tomatoes 🍅 and a delicious salsa sent from our family in Marin. It was SO much better than any bowl I have had before. Such a great beginning to a much deserved weekend break.

May 27th: Cold Sesame Chinese Take Out Noodles

Tonight on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we decided on something cold as the weather is starting to heat up. The New York Times today had an article on “copy cat” dishes from popular restaurants and in keeping with our theme this week we decided to make Cold Sesame Chinese Take Out Noodles. Lars took the lead today as I was stuck in meetings but on my break I got to help crush up the peanuts 🥜! The noodles were delicious and had just the right amount of heat. Will make again for sure! Cooped up Cooking

May 26th: In and Out Burgers

This week on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we are going to be making some “copy cat” foods. Tonight, we had a hankering for In and Out Burgers 🍔. Lars made up some fresh buns and I got to working on the insides. Fresh iceberg lettuce 🥬, cold tomato’s 🍅, special sauce, and American cheese (white as we didn’t have yellow) made for a dinner that lasted about 2 minutes. Jac immediately asked, “can I have another”? In true In and Out style, here is the verse to go with the meal; Ecclesiastes 9:7.