April 26th: Clams Casino

Tonight on Cooking Across the Globe 🌏 we stay right where we are for a second time, the great state of Rhode Island. We made “Clams Casino” with native top-neck (Quahog) clams. Fun fact: the state bird of Rhode Island is the Quahog. If you don’t believe us Google it or ask the cartoonist Don Bousquet. The same clam species, Mercenaria Mercenaria is known by several names depending its age and size. Very young, small, delicious clams are known as little necks, and are often enjoyed raw on the half shell. As they get older and bigger they are known as top-necks, cherrystones, and, finally…Quahogs. The biggest clams are usually only used for chowder and “stuffies” Stuffies are baked minced clams usually with bread crumbs, bacon, herbs etc. Clams Casino are made much in the same way except the people that make them are usually the kind of people who drink tea with their pinkies sticking straight out. We loved the size of theses clams and we loved the final product. Viva la Quahog. This lesson has been brought to you Lars (thank you but I didn’t ask) Carlson! Happy Sunday!

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