A Home Chef is Born

The weeks before the Pandemic was officially announced, my husband said it was going to be bad. He decided to go on a week long shopping trip in order to buy shelf stable items in the case that COVID-19 blew up and we would need to shelter in place. How right he would be and how this one shopping trip would create a new path for me and our boys.

We watched the news nightly and our worst fears were realized as we listened to Cuomo report out the horrors in New York City. Living only two hours away, it felt close to home. Our kids schools shut down and I was informed that I would be working remotely. My husband, an antiques dealer, was already working from his home shop so our party of four created work spaces in different corners of our house.

The first week, my husband began making bread. The smells filled the house around lunch time and we would all run down during our mid day break to feast on fresh, warm bread. I said that the bread would make for a nice BLT sandwich and my husband said, “why don’t you make it”. You see, I NEVER COOK. I have never had to nor wanted to. My husband is an AMAZING chef. Creative, exploratory, fun and always creating yummy dishes. He explained that since we were “cooped up”, why not plan and try a dish each evening? So…..that is what we did. First, I started watching Lars, then moved into being a sous chef, and then took the lead. We took photos along the way, wrote down our recipes and here we are. Our cookbook is in the works and we have never had more fun, or eaten so well in our lives.

This is our journey

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